You know how some restaurants have ripped up booths covered in tape?  It is unfortunate that many booths are so integrated that it is such a monumental project to fix the upholstery.

We’ve found a solution, booths with interchangeable cushions!  3 of our wood frame booth styles; the Chatfield, Osakis, and Lake of the Woods; feature a design conducive to a quick change.  With this system it is so easy and economical to switch cushions, and therefore the look, of a restaurant.  It’s great for the non-committers of the world.  Rest easy, you can change it later, at a fraction of the expense!

The cushions can be taller or shorter, we finish a large margin of the plywood behind on the top and the bottom of the back cushion to give more flexibility to your new look.

booths with interchangeable cushions featuring channels or tufted panels
booths with interchangeable cushions
booths with interchangeable cushions, the Lake of the Woods booth
booths with interchangeable cushions, the Osakis booth with a long back cushion and fashionable drop seat
booths with interchangeable cushions in flat black

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