We’ve been constructing bars and back bars for decades.  Here are some essential features for achieving the perfect bar display.

Attractive and visible liquor storage.  Nothing is worse for a busy bartender than an indecisive orderer who is going to draw out the process of placing an order.  Make your bartenders’ job easier by having everything clearly visible.

Our most popular is the linear liquor bottle step with LED lighting.

Modular Design.  Most of the bars that we design are for restaurants, and are 20-40 feet in length.  For ease of shipping and installation, modular is best.

perfect bar display modular design

Branding and Identity.  Whether you’re planning out a basement bar or the hottest new bar in the heart of the city, much thought must be given to the brand. Who is the clientele?  What is the focal point?  Devoting a large amount of wall real estate to wine in a sports bar may be a mistake;  prioritizing glass storage in an establishment that primarily serves in plastic cups would also be a questionable choice.

Creating the identity of a bar can be fun!  Even (especially?) when designing a home bar area, consider something different.  A favorite that I’ve encountered was an alchemy theme.  Beakers and chemistry paraphernalia combined with steampunk decor made for a unique environment with a Frankenstein vibe.

perfect bar display branding

Elbow room.  Staggering depth of upper backbar fixtures is advisable for aesthetics, function, and modular design, and therefore 10″-13″ depth is appropriate.  Below the counter, the usual suspects, ice bins, wine coolers or mini fridges, and functional storage keep the countertop depth at about 24″.  Embrace the counter space for bartender useage, trust that they’ll keep it clean when possible but give them room for drink mixing and slinging.  Likewise, give bartenders enough room between the bar and back bar for multiple tenders to work around each other when your establishment is busy.

The perfect bar display must consider lighting

Storage.  These mail boxes are really concealed storage for the Hard Rock Cafe back bar in Washington DC.  The restaurant is in a historic district and desires to marry that history to the restaurant’s interior style.  There is a lot to keep at a “full” bar, and not all of it needs to be on display.  Designing a “full” bar with a minimalist mind set is enough to drive anyone crazy.  The balance of visible and concealed storage is vital.

perfect bar display storage components

Mixed Media.  We are a wood shop.  However, building the perfect bar display requires adding other elements.  In addition to wood, other materials such as glass, metal, brick, stone, bamboo, granite, or quartz will make the bar functional and beautiful.  Considering the environment and lighting is also crucial.

perfect bar display storage lighting