On Saturday Randall and Cindy treated us, their employees, to a nice dinner and some fantastic entertainment, celebrating another great year of working together.  Having a look back, what a terrific year it’s been!  We have doubled our customer base, doubled our workforce and built it into a stellar team, and we have really focused on building quality products.

We thanked Randall and Cindy for their efforts by having this sign made.  Better signage for our plant has been on our to-do list for a while, now with this 4’x6′ steel & powder coated signage we’ll finally be able to tell the world, (or at least Lonsdale) that this is who we are.

Building our brand and identifying as a team has been a priority for Randall and Cindy since purchasing the company last year.  It’s been a clear goal of theirs to build something sustainable for our community, and a point of pride to provide high quality employment that identifies as a team.

The entertainment was fantastic- a comedy improv group called Comedy Sportz from Minneapolis performed an interactive show for us.  At right is a photo of Randall being interviewed for a sketch called “a day in the life (of Randall)” which was spot on and hilarious, also a photo of Glen providing random sound effects for a sketch.