All work and no play… well you fill in the blank.  Our guys have been giving it all lately, October was a busy month for us and our team pushed it.

To thank them, we organized a little field trip on Wednesday.  Everyone was told to bring one of the following to work and keep it in close proximity.

A bag of skittles

A can of soup

A box of pasta

A can of vegetables

A can of off-brand soda (that we don’t keep stocked in the break room)

Everyone participated, and we had some pretty creative methods of keeping these items close by during the work day.  They were also told that we’d work until 11:50 and then they would be given instructions on where to go.  Upon leaving the building, everyone was given a slip of paper with an address on it and a card with their starting points.  Starting points were given based on what item they brought, whether it was visible or not, and extra points for wearing it and creativity.

Upon arrival, employees were treated to the best pizza Montgomery (quite possibly Minnesota) has to offer (we cannot say enough nice things about Pizzeria 201!) and teams were picked with starting points as a selling point for each individual.  Then after a team building puzzle game, we bowled!

High game went to one our our new employees, Paul, with a 257!

The food items (minus the skittles, which may have walked off with the pregnant marketing director, no one will say for sure) were donated to the local food shelf, Prizes were given to the top bowling teams, and everyone had a great afternoon.