Keeping up to date on equipment keeps our shop running at top efficiency and keeps our capabilities cutting edge.  New equipment is an investment, and the curation of the right mix of new and old machinery is a dance with the advantages of new equipment and keeping costs down with old equipment.  The idea is to replace what needs to be updated with new equipment that will last and technology that will stand the test of time.  In the last week we’ve received 4 new pieces of equipment that will speed up our efficiency and allow us to continue to grow and serve our customers.

Our new planer is a mechanical and technological advance from our previous planer.  It can take more off at a time and with a spiral blade it does a more complete job, reducing the amount of time and work our new sander has to spend on each piece.

In addition to the new planer, in the last week we’ve also received a new table saw for our Montgomery upholstery department location, a new chipper to increase our opportunities for reducing waste by using falloff in more ways, and a new rolling bed table saw.

Happy cutting guys!