Bowlero is a new customer to us and we love the design details that we get to work on with them.  Design collaboration is an area that we strive for excellence in.

The biggest design and production challenges were the bar and the AV Hub.

There were new metal components that we have not done before, also due to the size of the bar…it ended up being re-finished on site after it was leveled.  This is actually the best option when we provide any wood bar top.

The AV Hub (Picture left) is meant to look like a Marshall Guitar Amp. The design intent was to have a DJ be able to set up at, there was textured truck bed paint (which we had to sand down and paint over with black paint to mute the texture), metal components, lighting, and faux knobs/logo.

We provided 3000 LF of wood wall planking, some was stained, while the painted boards were distressed looking.

The fireplace is painted, some of the trim and corbels we purchased from a recommended vendor by the architect. There is a TV in the center with plexiglass covering the face of the TV.

The shoe desk also introduced new metal components, the transaction tops were bend and folded metal laminate. We also had to collaborate with the lighting vendor to provide a lighting chase in the side shoe storage cabinets.