We are excited to share the news that we are still working, still moving forward, and making room for new equipment!

In the last few weeks, we have been rearranging and reorganizing our shop floor to make room for new equipment. Keeping our shop and equipment up to date is essential to build the best products for our clients. We have invested in a new HOLZ-HER TECTRA 6120 dynamic beam saw and the CNC Dynestic 7532! Our new beam saw, is versatile with various cutting lengths and widths, ensuring absolute precision cutting and the new CNC with its fluid milling spindle are just what we need to continue producing high-quality products.

The planning, organizing, moving of equipment and workspaces is well underway. We have also done a thorough and deep cleaning of our shop. An important and necessary part to ensure the health and safety of our team as well as to improve efficiency and workflow on the shop floor. It is not a little job, and we are thankful for the skill and dedication of our team throughout this whole process.


Equipment installation is well underway! Our beam saw is in place and staff has started their training. Having staff trained during the initial installation with an expert is a great way to get any and all your questions answered!  We are still reorganizing, rearranging, cleaning and we have started painting! I can’t wait to see how different the shop looks with a fresh coat of paint and shine new equipment!

image of CNC