A company is perhaps best described by its customers.

According to Scott Evans, director of Construction and Design for Front Burner Brands-

“This company has a solid reputation of working regularly with select groups of other major restaurant chains.  Their design and approval process is thorough and detailed as they insured everything was up to specification and approved upon and value engineered our designs.  The products they constructed and delivered were high quality and the craftsmanship was world class.  The additional surprise with the installation team who’s experience, and background told me immediately we had an additional valuable benefit above and beyond the products they provided.”


Design and manufacture quality and innovative products providing outstanding customer service.


Build a lasting organization that manufactures and designs quality and innovative products, with a dedicated workforce that provides meaning and rewarding jobs for our community.

For Our Employees

We want the very best employees, and in order to attract them, we want this to be a place where we enjoy coming to work; where we work together as a team, respectful of each other, encouraging one another to do our very best, and helping each other as needed.  Our jobs are meaningful and rewarding;  Meaningful in that we like what we do and have the opportunity to advance and grow in our role.  Rewarding in that it provides a good wage, benefits and the opportunity to share in our organization’s success.