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Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures has grown and adapted to support and fill the needs of our clients.  With designers, engineering, project managers, and production all under two roofs, we eliminate the need to outsource any components, ensuring quality control. We truly are the one-stop-shop!

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Headquartered in the Midwest

Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures’ facilities are in the neighboring towns of Lonsdale and Montgomery, MN. With these two facilities, we can accommodate state of the art equipment and a spacious production area, giving our skilled staff freedom to configure spaces to fit various fixtures and production needs. From small business with a single project to large multi-fixture chain restaurants we handle it all!

In 2019 we opened our second location in near by Lonsdale, MN. This 12,000 square foot facility houses both our upholstery and metal work divisions. Our upholstery division hosts our skilled and dedicated staff, measuring, cutting and assembling upholstered products. With a Master upholster in house, our staff our among the most talented in the field.

Our metal work division boosts state of the art equipment, cutting, bending, welding, fabricating, and machining. We are committed to designing, building and installing the highest quality products. By manufacturing all project components in house, and no longer outsourcing, our can ensure high quality finished products.