Whether it is a single element or the blending of many, our expert staff make it look easy!

Raw materials


30 years ago, Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures started out in architectural woodworking, and even though we have expanded our facilities and capabilities, woodworking remains a cornerstone of our business. Our craftsmen have been working with many species and types of wood for years and have the knowledge and expertise to make custom work seem standard.  We routinely work with multiple species of wood, maple, oak, ash, walnut, poplar, cherry, mahogany, and beech.  We are not, however, limited to these.  New species?  You don’t scare us.

image of metal items


Many designs and fixtures have the metal element integrated in to create a unique finish. We have been working with metals in our design for many years, and with demand increasing we have expanded our reach to include a metalwork facility. Our metal shop gives Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures the capacity to create and deliver projects in a timely manner, while managing our high product standards.

image of bank lobby


Glass surfaces and components can both serve as functionality and are a pleasing addition to any project and environment. We routinely use glass as a physical barrier and as a decorative backdrop.  After wood it’s the most common element we use in any back-bar display.  Decorative glass is terrific with custom lighting, something we excel at in our design department.  Knowing the correct hardware to use with glass (especially glass doors) is an important skill that we’ve acquired with our years of experience.

image of cabinet


Electrical components are routinely included in the casework we create.  The most common purposes are for lighting and for ease of access, whether that be a table with a pop up electrical outlet or USB plugs for on the go charging, common in booth seating.


We can work with and source any textile on the market.  We’ve worked with some really cool fabrics and our master craftsman team has adapted well to challenges that arise with using a certain type of vinyl or upholstery fabric for any specific purpose.  Not every textile is suited for upholstery, we prefer to source quality vinyls and upholstery fabrics that will stand up to heavy use.

live edge table finished

Custom Surfaces

We’re proud of the wood tops that we manufacture, and we take the quality of those tops seriously!  There are plenty of applications, solid surface, quartz, or granite top to list a few.  We’re happy to work with any of these materials and have some terrific resources for quality custom surfaces.

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