How often do you walk into your favorite restaurant and find they’ve rearranged?  *awkward pause while I anticipate inquisitive looks*

Yeah, me either.

Everything is in exactly the same place, or there has been a recent remodel with entirely new fixtures, lighting has changed, etc… and the booths still might be in the same place.

Why is that?  We (well, some of us) love to move furniture around the house and switch things up.  Feng shui.  Or something.  Why not in a restaurant?

We recently took on a job that requested their booths on metal frame bases with all finished sides for this exact reason.  So the booths could be moved aside as needed for a dance floor and party venue.  What genius!!

How often do you see tables moved to accommodate a larger party in a restaurant?  Well what do we do when that party prefers booth seating, and maybe some flexibility beyond eating as to their party activities?

Good thinking Yard House.  Love how they are doing something new.  We love trying new things too…