Last week we hosted Steve Grove, the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner, to discuss our industry, challenges in manufacturing and Minnesota Business.  The commissioner is rolling out an ambitious plan for 2020 with big goals.  We have some ambitious plans too, our plans for growth mirror the goals of the DEED commission.

Lonsdale Mayor Tim Rudd, MN Deed Commissioner Steve Grove, and Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures owner Randall Rivers.

Details and goals we shared about Minnesota Millwork & Fixtures:

  1. Our employees are the #1 contributor to our growth. We strive for solid staff that believes in mission.
  2. When Minnesota Millwork was sold to Randall and Cindy Rivers in 2016 there were 18 employees, today we have 48 people working for MMF.
  3. The company has tripled its revenue in three years.
  4. 25 new positions have been added (to include HR, Accounting, Operations, Booths, etc.)
  5. We are planning to add an additional 8 positions within the next 6 months.
  6. We have plans for growth in our booth/upholstery department and future need to add a metal shop.

The DEED Commissions goals are likewise:

  1. Increase the number of job-seekers using DEED’s CareerForce resources by 10%
  2. Increase the job placement rate for every DEED workforce program to 80%
  3. Increase the number of employers who are hiring directly from DEED’s workforce systems by 20%