Booths!  Our upholstery team is hard at it with some fantastic seating in the works.  They have turned out some beautiful pieces lately!

These ladies (and gentlemen) are cranking out booths with efficiency and accuracy, and we are so proud of how this department has grown and come into it’s own this year!  The photo on the right shows Amy using a shopvac to create the right tension on a booth seat.

Podiums!  We make a lot of point of service fixtures, it’s always fun to make fixtures that are finished on all sides.  Free standing units that can be moved around and walked around, unattached from walls.  Our favorites are those that incorporate other elements such as metal, laminates, fabric, and glass.  Logos and surface altering such as the burning that we played around with on the Outback logo are bonus fun challenges.  We love collaborating with our customers on these specialty fixtures!  Here are a few recent podiums that we love:

Walnut!  Every wood species has it’s own beauty, but there is just something about walnut that is so beautiful.  The range of natural color without stain and the grain of the wood make it so visually interesting all by itself.  We have a retirement home job going through the shop right now out of walnut and it’s gorgeous!  Check out these desk legs, we can’t wait to see this finished and installed!